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Some of our home improvement ideas are:-
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Building work

We specialise in building knowledge and news. On The Midfield we will be sharing the latest building news from the construction industry around your area and sharing tips and ideas for your own home or workplace.

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Finding the right roofing supplies and services companies is paramount for a renovation project. Total Roofing Solutions can help with any new roofing system, Velux installation or fascia and soffits repair.

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Sandblasting Preston is a company who seem to be at the top of what they do round the Preston area. We talk a bit about these guys but more about what sandblasting actually consists of in the blog area down below

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Marble Worktops are very popular at this moment in time with many home owners. It seems to be the new thing that is “in” as well as Granite Worktops and you can find both for very reasonable prices, if you know where to look!

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Home improvment hints and tips

We have put together this site to help people with their home improvements, both inside and out.

Giving people ideas on what they can improve about their home, wherever you are wanting to add value to your property or want to renovate your home we will post various ideas and offer both money and time saving ideas

  • We will be offering various roofing ideas and tips along with reviews of various roofing supplies

  • Worktops are vary popular at the moment, they have help transform your room, we will be reviewing various worktops such as marble and quartz kitchen worktops and offering tips to help keep them in the best condition.

  • Looking after your windows and maintaining them the right way will ensure they last for a long time whlist also looking good and helping keep the energy costs down whilst adding value to your property.

  • We will be offering various ideas and reviews in relation to garden buildings ranging from sheds, garages, greenhouses and garden rooms.


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