Restoring the ceiling roses in your Victorian home

Across the UK there are a great number of Victorian homes, many of which are losing their original character as people favour modernising them.

The exterior of these houses often remain untouched but internally people are tearing out ceiling roses, ripping up floors and knocking down walls left, right and centre. Depending on your personal tastes this can be a good or a bad thing. Often people are happy to come home to more minimalist interiors and enjoy having less to clutter up a room, but some people like to see the true nature of a house remain and there are now more and more people opting to restore the features that once adorned their living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Of course we don’t actually have any real requirement for ceiling roses now as modern homes generally don’t have to worry about heat damage to ceilings. Ceiling roses were a sign of the times because it allowed for a section of the ceiling to be replaced/restored when damage was caused by the naked flame or gas which was used to light a room. However as ceilings are often the most plain and boring surface in a room, they do add a nice focal point and feature to the top half of the room.

Plaster ceiling roses can be designed in different shapes and sizes but are commonly round and patterned in some way. If your room has cornices you can match the pattern on the cornice to the pattern on the ceiling rose and if you want to have a ceiling rose that is more subtle you can install a plain ceiling rose.

The beauty of installing a new ceiling rose into a property is that many companies these days sell ceiling roses that can be installed via diy method. A new, high density polyurethane ceiling rose will be lightweight, wont set you back too much money, and can usually be installed easily using a grip adhesive.

If you are looking to restore an existing ceiling rose you have two options. You can either employ a specialist company in to restore the ceiling rose or you can actually ask a company that provides custom made ceiling roses to create a new ceiling rose for you in the same style as the existing one. Of course neither of these options are DIY options but will allow you to create the perfect replica of the rose that exists in your home already.

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