Increasing the saleability of your home

One of the things estate agents will look at when you are looking to sell your home will be the saleability of the property. This kind of thing includes how much work will need doing to the house to make it homely to potential buyers.

They will look at if bathrooms and kitchens will need remodelling, how much decoration will need to be done once the new owners move in and if there are any structural features that need attending to.

The saleability of a property will actually have an effect on the value of your home as an estate agent will knock money off an asking price if there are big projects to be done.

One of the best ways of increasing the saleability – and therefore value – of your property is by installing a new bathroom suite or kitchen if your existing one is looking a little old and worn.

This is because they are quite often the most expensive rooms to ‘decorate’ for a new homeowner when they want to make their own mark on a home. Both rooms can be decorated around the fittings that are there if they are new but if they are old and worn its going to cost a lot and therefore put some buyers off the property instantly.

The bathroom is an easy fix and sometimes it’s as simple as installing new taps or just one of the fittings instead of the whole suite. A new toilet could increase the saleability of your home with very little thought.

The kitchen however requires much more thought. The first thing people see when they walk into a kitchen is its size and most of all the cupboards and kitchen worktops. If the kitchen is small consider a small extension or creating an open plan kitchen diner if that’s possible with the layout of your home. It will cost a lot but could really increase the saleability and the value of your home.

When it comes to the cupboards and worktops in your kitchen these will turn any buyer off if they think they have to replace the lot. A new fit out of a kitchen will be an expensive additional cost when you have just bought a home and some people are not willing to pay that out, especially if you are targeting young families and first time buyers.

Therefore if you want your home to sell quickly and for its best possibly price then you can spend a little of your own money installing new fittings in your kitchen. Granite worktops and solid, sleek kitchen cupboards will allow your kitchen to have the wow factor and will even help people oversee the size of the room if it is a bit on the small side. They can increase the saleability of the whole house just because potential buyers will see the beauty of the room and see that it needs nothing doing to it at all.

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