Spring cleaning the outside of your home

So when we talk about spring cleaning its usually the inside of a house that springs to mind, pun intended. Even if you talk about a spring clean of the outside, its usually the garden, garden room, shed or garage that comes to mind, however we can give our actual house a spring clean too.

Houses in our country are often brick faced, you get some exceptions to this with modern apartment buildings, and rendered or pebble dashed properties, but the latter are becoming a thing of the past. Brick can get weather worn quite easily and somethings you loose the beauty of brickwork as it collects grime and dust from the roads around the house, or as it is battered by the english weather.

If you have facing brickwork then you have a few possible things to do with it to give it a spring clean or a new look. You can render the brickwork with a coloured render which allows it to have a completely new look, or simply power wash the walls to bring them looking a bit more fresh. Of course a power wash will do a good job but if you really want to return your external walls to their original state sandblasting may be a better option for you.

If you have a pebble dash covering on your external walls you can remove this quite easily, but be careful not to damage the wall underneath as you do so. once the pebble dash is removed some of the render that held it in place may remain but you can also hire a sandblasting company to help you remove this and uncover the brickwork underneath.

Power washing driveways will also help freshening them up, but for a deep clean to get them back to their originally state you may want to consider sandblasting these too.

Obviously while you are concentrating on the exterior of your home you want to take a minute to look at the doors, windows and other features of the building. It might be that spring cleaning may also involve so DIY when you take a minute to consider when the last time you painted the front door or window frames, or if the door knocker you have been meaning to install for years isn’t actually on the door yet.


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