Cambridge biggest home improvement district for 2016

The latest report from construction industry analysts Barbour ABI, has found that the district of Cambridge has had the biggest growth in home improvement applications bringing it into the top 25 districts.

The ‘Home Improvers of Great Britain’ report, which looks at the number of applications received per 100 private homes found that there was a remarkable 119% growth in the number of applications received in Cambridge during 2015, up to 5.8 from 2.8 the previous year.

London dominates the region leaderboard, as per usual, with the number of home improvement applications per 100 homes levelling out at 3.8, a slight rise from last year’s 3.5. yet it is the outer districts of London that are now contributing to its growth in home improvement applications.  Harrow, for example, saw a rise of 36% in home improvement applications and it has been suggested that this is due to the hunger for housing in the captial as it is pushing people to buy and improve housing in the previously less desirable areas.

When looking at Cambridge the district still isn’t at the top of its regions leaderboard with Uttlesford taking the reign over the East of England, but it has gone from being outside the top 50 districts for home improvement applications during 2014 to number 7 in the country last year. The Region as a whole saw quite a significant increase in home improvement applications, with the number of applications received in the East of England being second only to those received in London.

The report shows just how much effort is being put into home improvement across the country as the number of applications in every single region bar Scotland has  increased from the previous year. This has been put down to the fact that house prices are increasing and the economy being better than in previous years.

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