How to chose the right boiler for your home

So you’re looking at improving your home and want it to be a bit more energy efficient, a bit more suitable for your needs and a bit more efficient when it comes to running costs. It might be that its been a cold winter and the windows need replacing, but most of the time a new boiler will definitely be able to help.

When you are looking for a new boiler you need to consider what type of boiler will work best for you. The most popular choice of boiler in the UK is the combination boiler, or combi, which provide instant, on-demand heating and hot water. This type of boiler doesn’t require a water storage cylinder and can fit in kitchen cupboards or storage cupboards. This makes them attractive to most people because they don’t require a lot of space and can be easily hidden away as they only require minimal pipework. As the water feeds directly from the mains there should be no dip in pressure following extended use and hot water should always be available.

However homes with multiple bathrooms might experience a slight dip in water pressure if appliances in them are being used at the same time, and as the boilers themselves usually have more moving parts than conventional boilers they can be more prone to breaking.

The conventional, heat-only, boilers are an open-vented system with a water tank. Usually this is located in the loft and there will be an on/off switch that allows you to heat water only when needed. These are more suited to homes with multiple bathrooms where its likely that the bathrooms are going to be used at the same kind of times, however the water will need time to heat up again after it has been used.

Combination boilers are used in the majority of houses these days and are usually the most energy efficient and cheapest options when you are replacing your boiler. You can get larger boilers for larger homes and careful consideration of your house size is vital when picking your boiler as choosing on that is too large can have a negative impact on your household bills though. The other thing you need to consider is how energy efficient you want the boiler to be.

Once you know what size and rating of boiler you need then you can search out a local boiler supplier and installation expert to purchase and fit your boiler for you. To do this have a quick search for boilers in Preston, Blackburn, or your local area and take a look at the reviews of the companies suggested. A good boiler service company will be able to assist you in working out exactly what size and rating you want for your home and allow you to find the best option for your budget too.



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