7 year high for housebuilding

New figures released by the government have shown that the number of new homes being built across Britain has risen and is now at the highest level for 7 years.

The number of newly built homes has risen to 139,690 in the year to March 2016, which is a rise of 12% on the previous year. The number of construction starts on homes during this period was also up at 139,680,.

Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis said: “We’ve got the country building again and are seeing our housebuilding efforts paying-off with this considerable increase in the number of homes built in just 1 year.

This is real progress but there is more to do. That’s why we are going further and increasing our investment in housebuilding to ensure many more hard-working people can benefit.

Housebuilding growth across the country”

The figures show that London and Wakefield are leading the way in housebuilding, with the number of homes being built in London on the rise by 32%. London boroughs Basildon and Haringey saw house completions rise by 279% and 1039% respectively over the year. In Wakefield the number of completions rose from 1028 to 1634, a total of 59%.

Figures released last year showed that the number of new homes built from 2014 to 2015 across the country rose by 25% when taking into account new builds, houses that have been converted to flats and buildings which have had their classification changed to residential.

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