Don’t suffer this winter

When you buy a new home you always want to make it your own, you’ll have plans for every room and probably even the outside too. The windows and doors are obviously checked by serveyors in a full building survey but not all properties have a full building survey done on them. If you have had a quick look at the windows and doors you may have thought they were ok but come winter you may discover that they are not the best at keeping the heat in and stopping draughts.

Thats why you may need to look into draught proofing your windows and doors. Draughts are a bigger issue in older homes but can be found in homes from as recent as 20-30 years old. Not acting on the issue will result in higher heating costs and could potentially cause damp problems in your home too so its best in the long run to get the problem sorted.

Draiught proofing doesn’t neccessarily mean replacing every window and door in your property as this would be exceptionally costly, especially if you have heritage sash windows and traditional doors, but instead companies can help by installing excluders and fixing seals around the doors and windows.

This time of year is the best time to start thinking about draught proofing as you’re more likely to be able to obtaining quotes and have work done well in advance of the cold weather then come winter it will feel like you are in a whole new home and you wont have to suffer from the cold as much anymore.

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