Brexit: Improving Not Moving

A poll shows that over 40% of homeowners have lost confidence in the property market after the EU referendum. This is not necessarily a bad thing because this means as a nation we have shifted our focus from moving to improving our current homes. A third of those polled said they would now remain where they currently lived, therefore, they are looking to renovate or redecorate. Many whether they have been advised or not have settles with the ideology that they are best holding off to see the effects of the exit before they move or make any big decisions.

Similarly, Londoners have had a revelation of the same effect due to the stamp tax so people are looking to extend there current homes as opposed to moving due to the risk and also being more affordable to do. More people have large amounts of money to spend on such projects, meaning more and more companies are coming out with incredible products to upgrade their homes, not just in a decorative instance but also in a functional sense. Soon many homes will have great functionality and be suited to the needs of each family. For example instead of moving to a bigger house when a family needs more space they are just making more of the space they have or maybe get an extension or perhaps a new Granite Worktops Northampton, if you would like more granite related advice, we found a great article in the Granite Guild.
Not only are people extending and decorating, they are also renovating. Most are choosing to emphasize characteristics of there home, such as if they live in a dated building they may consider a Sash Window Renovation perhaps. It is more or less a journey of customization for you to discover. Remember when you improve not move, that if your issues lie within the neighborhood or limited schools that may be a solid reason to move.

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