Suppliers, Suppliers, Suppliers: Can Service Be The Key?

Choosing your favorite color or pattern is not the only thing you have to take into consideration when buying your new granite worktop or quartz kitchen worktop. All of the elements of the service have to also be considered, they are critical in purchasing as they are in a professional installation company. You must ensure that the company have the technical skills and the customer service to match it. One way of ensuring you have made the right decision is to see the full slab before you buy due to some companies choosing the best but of the slab for you to look at in store or sample. Sometimes you may ask to take a sample home for you to look at and compare next to your kitchen door sample perhaps. Moreover, you need to ensure that before installation, all the measurements are exact and that the company who are doing the installation take time between the template date and the installation date to ensure that everything is fitted in relation to basins and drainage grooves.
The difference between the kitchen of your dreams or an absolute kitchen nightmare could be a small case of misinformation and when the amount of money is being spent is as vast as for a new kitchen you want to ensure that everything goes swimmingly. But how do you know if the information you have been given is sound advice when there are so many options and questions and horror stories online. Chinese granite, Indian granite, is it quartz, what is quartz, is it natural or man-made, which is better, is the fitter any good, why are the quotes so different?
Well, what you need to know is that granite is chosen by geologists and mined out in huge slabs which are then sent to stonemasons to be cut into thinner slabs and polished, then imported and fitted into your kitchen.┬áThis, however, would give you the bespoke look you’re after for a price tag to match it.
This is where the irregular pieces or excess pieces are disposed of. By disposed we mean shipped off to be made into the less expensive man-made materials which usually come more uniform and consistent which gives away the idea that it is not natural stone, however, manufacturers are getting increasingly better at creating very natural looking designs. Woo-hoo for our pockets right! So now you know the basics and the importance of finding the right supplier, go find your perfect worktop. Another site that produces incredible articles, similar to ourselves but on this particular topic is The Granite Guild.

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