Our Values.

Here at The Midfield, we want to bring you the best of all the advice we could find in the huge realm of the internet. Not only do we write content we want you to read, but we also search the internet and bring the best to your fingertips. We find articles we think you might want to know about and instead of writing our own information and our own research and our own input, if its a great article we will simply tell you about it. It never hurts to slip a link into one of our articles that you can click and find our inspiration. We are a completely none-profit website so we feel instead of prioritizing building our site and fan-base, it would be a better use of our time to build a community, a community of home-improvement enthusiasts and content providers, so all of us have space in The Midfield. On that particular note, here is a wonderful article we found on a website called The Granite Guild, we recommend that you check their site daily just as you do ours due to the fact that it is one of the best we have come across in regards to granite. Go check it out! Lastly, another thank you to all our readers, have a great Friday!

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