Taxi Advice For The Christmas Season

Always use a licensed taxi. Licensed drivers must wear their licence badge, which includes a photograph and expiry date.

How to tell if your taxi is licensed

  • There are two types of taxi: a hackney carriage (black cab) that can be flagged down or pre-booked and a private hire vehicle that can only be pre-booked.
  • All licensed taxis in Manchester have a plate fixed to the rear and front of the vehicle, displaying a unique licence number (white plates for hackney carriages (black cab) and yellow plates for private hire vehicles.
  • Taxi In Leyland is licensed

Tips to help you stay safe:

Private Hire Vehicles

Never get into a private hire vehicle you have not pre-booked as it will not be insured to carry you and may not be licensed.

Know what to look for. All private hire vehicles licensed by us are either white or silver in colour. Before you leave for a night out make sure you have money to get home and that your mobile is fully charged. If you can, pre-book your return vehicle before going out and arrange to be picked up from a safe meeting point.  At the time of booking ask what the fare is likely to be.

When using a private hire vehicle:

  • Book with a licensed operator
  • Ask if there’s a call-back service
  • Confirm your booking with the driver when s/he arrives. Note the licence number
  • Always sit in the back, behind the driver
  • Let your friends know when you are going home.

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