Advice For Getting Home After Christmas Parties

• Don’t get into an ordered cab until you’re sure it’s yours.

After a night on the tiles it’s tempting to jump into your taxi as soon at arrives. But police warn that it’s easy to get into the wrong cab, even if you take care to order one in advance.

Ideally, when you phone for a cab, ask what kind of car is coming to pick you up and the driver’s name. When the taxi arrives, before you get into it make sure you ask the driver the name of the customer he or she is there to pick up – rather than giving them your name – and the name of the company they work for. That way you can be sure you are safe and in the right cab.

• Trust your instincts.

It’s a cliche, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the taxi that arrives for you or stops for you then trust your instincts and take another cab.

• Always sit in the back.

Safety experts advise women to sit in the back of Taxi Lostock Hall, rather than in the front seat, as this keeps you at a safe distance from the driver should there be any problems. You will also have two doors to leave the cab from in an emergency rather than one.

• Keep conversation on a professional level.

Cab drivers are famous for their tall tales, but the general advice from police to women is to keep conversation with your taxi driver to a strictly professional basis.

‘The last thing you want is for the taxi driver to get the impression that you want them to be over familiar,’ says a spokesman from the Metropolitan Police. ‘Try to keep the conversation polite but professional and about every day matters rather than personal things.’

• Have your keys ready.

When you reach your destination always have your keys ready to get into your house or flat before you get out of the cab. This way you will not be left hanging around in the dark and vulnerable. If you feel safe and trust your driver, you may want to ask him not to leave until he sees you enter your home.

• And finally…

Report any problems. If there is a problem with your taxi you should always report the problem to the police – you may help protect future passengers. If you are going to report a problem, try to remember what kind of car it was, the driver’s name and registration number and when and where you were travelling.

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