White Kitchens for your White Winter

If there’s one room in our house, that I would possibly gut and start completely over (if time & budget allowed), it would be the kitchen.  I’m big on living in the now, though, so I don’t really think about it that often, as the time may be right one day to do just that.  But when the folks at Wilsonart asked if I would pull together some inspiration and design ideas, I decided dreaming up a few favorites couldn’t hurt!

I feel like kitchen design can be daunting when starting from scratch, forgetting all the space planning that has to take place to create a truly efficient space.  Honestly, if we ever did a full kitchen remodel, I might have to call on outside help just to get all the nooks and cubbies to fit around the Granite Worktops Warrington (that I would want to fill it with)! And if I’m really honest, my ideas aren’t brand new  and inspiration are what make me tick.  You know when you’re on Pinterest and you see an image and your fingers move independently from your hands and you almost break nails to pin them quickly enough?  That’s me and these spaces…

As far as the design, the first things I know I’d plan the kitchen around: white furniture style cabinetry that reaches ceiling height, white counters, white backsplash, white walls…yep.  It’s funny, I’ll probably never do white again on my slipcovers (at least for a while), but in the kitchen…oh yeah.  We built with white cabinets & while they’re looking a little dingy now, that was 11 years ago!  I don’t know any painted finish that won’t need some sprucing after that time frame, so I’d go with white again.

There’s something about it–clean, fresh, minimal.  The food and family take all the glory in a white kitchen.

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