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1. Paint & Decorate

This piece of advice comes as standard for homeowners looking to sell, and the simple reason is because it works.

If you home falls under the category ‘needs work’ then you can bet that it will have a bearing on the price. Doing odd jobs such as fixing door handles and painting drab looking walls can make a significant difference to the price.

While a home covered in Magnolia can be somewhat uninspiring, if you do decide to wield your paintbrush avoid using bright colours. Painting a room in lime green or a deep violet will likely be unappealing to most buyers, and it will simply draw attention to the fact that they will need to redecorate themselves when they move.

It’s worth thinking, every job you do and room that you decorate is one less task that the new owners will need to worry about. Inexpensive updates can make all the difference.

2. Carpets & Flooring

If the carpets in your home are quite old then you may want to consider cleaning or replacing them.

Home carpet cleaning kits are available to hire or buy for significantly less than a couple of years ago and it can be quite surprising what a difference they can make.

If you have wooden floors in your home then consider freshening them up by sanding them down and adding a nice varnish finish, or again just give them a thorough wash before viewings.

Remember, if a buyer thinks that they will have to replace the carpets or varnish the wooden floor they will expect this to be reflected in the price.

3. Loft insulation

Going green is an important factor for most modern homeowners and there are some simple steps you can take that will add value to your home.

Most DIY stores now sell loft insulation rolls for as little as £1 which you can install yourself. Making your home more energy efficient can be a big selling point – and if you don’t end up selling then you benefit from cheaper heating bills!

There may also be grants available for insulation work to help make your home more energy efficient, to see if you are eligible you can visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

If you want to take this further then you could also consider cavity wall insulation as well, this can be slightly more expensive but could again add value to your home.

4. Make your cleaner with sandblasting

Sandblasting Liverpool Services Ltd can remove years of accumulated grime on the majority of surfaces enabling them to be restored to a former glory, or to allow them to be repainted. The company uses raw material recycled glass for its sandblasting medium, which is chemically inert and conforms to the relevant standards; ISO 11126 (non- metallic) or SAE 2.5 (metal). This material produces fewer health and safety risks as it completely eliminates the risk of airborne carcinogens and it’s a non-toxic substance, which is safe to use around water.

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