Coach Holidays? Luxury mode of transport!

Clean, spacious, energy-efficient, comfortable: all of these words can be used to describe modern coach travel. An increased awareness of environmental issues and customer satisfaction has seen coaches evolve significantly over the last decade. The stuffy, cramped and pollution-spewing vehicles of the 20th century have been overtaken by luxurious green fleets of Coach Hire Lancashire that provide affordable and convenient alternatives to trains, cars and planes.

The growing popularity of coach travel in recent years has enabled coach operators to boost the design, functionality and quality of their vehicles. This, in turn, has opened up a whole new market for coach companies: from business meetings and large-scale corporate events to weddings and long-haul trips, customers are choosing coaches for important occasions and high-profile events more than ever before.

Modern coaches look smart inside and out

The interior and exterior designs of modern coaches are sleek, professional and attractive. Many are fitted with leather seats for an executive feel, and the interiors are kept clean and tidy to make sure that passengers are completely comfortable throughout their journey. It is now commonplace to have provisions such as toilets, TVs and air conditioning on board, for a comfortable trip. Mayday Travel’s iconic light-blue vehicles are elegant and smart, which is why so many professionals choose to hire our coaches for important business events.

Luxury travel for a fraction of the price

Coach travel has long had a reputation of being a cheap mode of transport. The fuel, staffing and running costs can be spread out among all the passengers, meaning coach operators can offer a more affordable rate. Coach journeys also take a little longer than trains or planes – though we think this simply gives you more time to relax and enjoy the ride!

Coach travel is still affordable, but it is no longer seen as an option for people who can’t afford the cost of trains and planes: it is an increasingly respected, pleasant and luxury mode of transport. The travel industry is ever growing and, as more and more people look for affordable, practical and comfortable ways to explore the UK and Europe, coaches will become the transport mode of choice – the perfect way to see the continent in style.

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