5 top tips for creating a secure bike shed

1. Be realistic

A shed is never going to stand up to a serious attack by thieves. Offenders have been known to jemmy off a whole side panel or roof to get inside. The trick is to site it in an area where it is difficult for thieves to operate, avoid drawing attention to it, and install as many security measures as possible to protect your precious bike(s). The harder you can make a thief work, and the longer it takes them to crack your defences, the more likely they are to give up and move on to an easier target.

2. Choose your shed location carefully

The ideal site for your shed is somewhere which is difficult for thieves to reach, yet not so tucked away that criminals can operate without fear of being seen. In this case, the shed has been built in a back yard/driveway accessed by a private road. The shed can’t be seen from the main road and because the access road is only used by a handful of households, any strangers in the area will immediately arouse suspicions.

The neighbours are friendly, and several are elderly so they are around during the day. The shed can be seen from several surrounding houses and is within range of a security light fitted with a movement sensor. When a car is parked in the driveway next to the shed, the door can’t be opened, providing extra security.

3. Take care when choosing the type of shed

There are three main types of Security Services Preston – wood (cheap and blends in well but prone to rotting), metal (strong, durable and fire retardent but prone to rust and walls are very thin on cheap models) and plastic (low maintenance but prone to condensation). Generally, the more you pay, the thicker the walls will be, and the more secure the shed will be.

4. Think about the design of the structure

If the shed is going to be used purely for storage, and not as a workshop, consider getting one without windows, as these are an obvious weak point. The door should be clearly visible, either from your house or neighbouring properties. Double doors will enable you to get bikes in and out more easily.

5. Work out the shed’s weaknesses

In this case, the door hinges are secured by small screws, the lock provided with the shed is extremely basic and the windows mean the contents are on display. Inside, there is nothing to lock your prized possession(s) to.

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