Boiler and central heating issues?

The problems with your central heating and boiler may seem endless. Perhaps your home is freezing because your radiators won’t work, or maybe there’s a big pool of water on your kitchen floor from your leaky boiler. If one of the below issues applies to your boiler or central heating in Leyland, get it fixed as soon as you can by contacting a Gas Safe engineer.

  1. Stone-cold radiators

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a hard day at work to find your house is cold because your radiators just won’t heat up. They might just need balancing or bleeding, but if debris is clogging up the system, you’ll need a professional engineer to clean it out.

  1. Freezing water

Have your kids been asking “Where’s all the hot water gone?” Freezing water that refuses to heat up might be caused by dodgy parts that could do with replacing, or thermostat issues. It might just be that the boiler pressure is too high; whatever it is, you won’t know until you ask a professional.

  1. Unusual noises

No, you’ve not left the kettle boiling – that’s the sound of trapped water overheating and boiling because there’s too much limescale preventing its flow. Ask a Gas Safe registered professional to flush away the limescale before the noise drives the entire house mad!

  1. A strange dripping noise

If your pipes have corroded or the pressure’s become excessive, that annoying dripping noise will likely be coming from your leaking boiler. Speak to a professional engineer pronto, and you’ll no longer have to dodge any puddles of water.

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