3 reasons why you should get a ceiling rose

A plaster-moulded ceiling rose can really add a lot to a room, but why else should you consider getting one fitted? Here we look at three reasons why you should just take the plunge.

  1. They add character to any room

New-build houses are often sadly lacking in character compared to older properties, which tend to have quirky layouts and plaster flourishes. If you visited every house in a row of terraces, it’s almost guaranteed that each one will be unique; however, go into every new build on an estate, and you won’t be surprised to find each one to be a carbon copy of the next.

Adding a ceiling rose is therefore a great way to set your new build apart from all others, and give any room a slight bit of character. Choose a traditional design with a floral-style pattern or something to complement the contemporary trends on display in your home – the choice is yours.

  1. An easy way to decorate

Maybe a fresh lick of paint or some shiny new wallpaper just isn’t enough to transform the look of your room. You want something different, and that’s why a ceiling rose is such a good choice. It’s a simple and easy way to decorate a living room, bedroom or even hallway that needs sprucing up. So put away the paintbrush, and ask the experts to fit your ceiling rose in Leyland now.

  1. Creates a focal point

Maybe you want your room to have a focal point that gets everyone talking, and an ornate ceiling rose with an intricate design would definitely make a bold statement. It’s great if you have a large room with a vast expanse of blank ceiling to fill, but if not, a smaller, more modest ceiling rose would still create a buzz among friends, family and neighbours.

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