What Are SIP Panels?

What are Sips?   Structural Insulated Panels (Sips) are walls, roofs, floors and foundations made of panels. They consist of a rigid foam insulation core sandwiched between two structural skins.   Types of SIPs?   There are three main types of SIPs EPS cores which tend to be the lowest-cost option. Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate cores Read more about What Are SIP Panels?[…]

Commissioning Pieces – What I Need To Know?

Companies like Heritage Sash Windows Lancashire Limited undertake commissions from bespoke doors to windows to a professional quality. If you are looking to commission a piece whatever its shape or size you will have a number of details to decide on. What must be considered when commissioning pieces?   1. Look at their portfolio:   Especially Read more about Commissioning Pieces – What I Need To Know?[…]

What Are The Different Kinds Of Glamping ?

Glamping is the new and popular form of camping. The term is short for glamorous camping. A more luxurious form of traditional camping. So if glamping appeals to you here is some further insight into the different types of glamping. 1. Glamping pod: These quirky individual pods have insulated walls, floor and roof. It is Read more about What Are The Different Kinds Of Glamping ?[…]

5 Facts About Stained Glass Windows

Antique stained glass windows are beautiful and tell a story in their design and history. However, they are prone to damage. Teams like Heritage Sash Windows Lancashire Limited use traditional methods and techniques to carry out quality stained glass renovation. What do I need to know about Antique stain glass windows?   1. First decorative window: Christian Read more about 5 Facts About Stained Glass Windows[…]