5 Facts About Stained Glass Windows

Antique stained glass windows are beautiful and tell a story in their design and history. However, they are prone to damage. Teams like Heritage Sash Windows Lancashire Limited use traditional methods and techniques to carry out quality stained glass renovation. What do I need to know about Antique stain glass windows?
1. First decorative window: Christian churches were home to the first decorative windows which appeared around 400 AD.
2. A picture tells a thousand words: In the early years with high illiteracy, Stained glass windows were used in Catholic churches primarily to depict scenes from the Bible which could not be read.
3. Henry VIII: As the Church of England was founded by Henry VIII hundreds of archaic stained glass windows were demolished.
4. Largest stain glass window: Roman Catholic St.Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Kentucky is home to the largest handmade stained glass window.
5. The method hasn’t changed: Since it was first discovered in the Middle Ages the method of making stained glass windows has not changed.

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