What Are The Different Kinds Of Glamping ?

Glamping is the new and popular form of camping. The term is short for glamorous camping. A more luxurious form of traditional camping. So if glamping appeals to you here is some further insight into the different types of glamping.

1. Glamping pod:

These quirky individual pods have insulated walls, floor and roof. It is an environmentally friendly product from start to finish with a beautiful and intelligent design. Modular groups are an innovative creator of Glamping pods available in Lancashire.

2. Barns and Farmhouses:

Barn and Farmhouse glamping offers an authentic farm experience. This form of glamping offers a large accommodation which is both spacious and stylish.

3. Cabins:

A cosy house like accommodation with canopies and decks. Although small in size huts and cottages are comfortable and spacious.

4. Domes:

Domes give you a panoramic view of your surroundings while being inside. These eco-friendly domes are perfect for experiencing surrounding nature.

5. Eco Lodges:

Full destination experience with as little environmental impact as possible. Eco lodges are luxurious but have the environment in mind with their eco-friendly design and materials.

6. Tents:

Luxurious tents are a long way from the traditional pitch up yourself tent. With baths and even bathroom facilities in some luxurious tents.

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