Commissioning Pieces – What I Need To Know?

Companies like Heritage Sash Windows Lancashire Limited undertake commissions from bespoke doors to windows to a professional quality. If you are looking to commission a piece whatever its shape or size you will have a number of details to decide on. What must be considered when commissioning pieces?
1. Look at their portfolio:
Especially now with the popularity of social media. Companies of the artist nature need to showcase their work. This will either be available on their website or on any social media platform especially Instagram. This will give you an idea of the work they usually complete and an overall theme of their usual design process.
2. Proposing a design brief:
Think about what design you want to propose to the specialist you have chosen. They may be able to give you a hand in coming to the overall outcome of the project. They have obviously working with certain materials, colours and spacing before so they can add further insight. However, this is your project so you get the final say in the briefing.
3. Setting a budget:
The most important thing to consider is the whether the price is right. If it isn’t  within your budget then reconsideration may be necessary. Alternatively, this may have changed due to changes in the brief.
4. Duration of the project:
A bespoke piece is a time-consuming process and much different to designs create over and over again. You should bear this is mind. Communication will be essential as this is your idea which they are trying to replicate. Any pause in communication could temporarily stop the creation of the piece and we would not want that.

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