6 Benefits of Getting A Gate House

Gatehouses have been around for centuries and their purpose has always been to provide security. Now you can get gatehouses on a much smaller scale to add security to your building. Here are the main benefits of getting a gatehouse:
1. An Extra Layer Of Security
Gatehouses provide an extra layer of security. Normally this involves a person or two who are able to see who is entering and exiting premises. This is an extra level of contact and security thanks to a gatehouse. They are normally used at post offices, airports, warehouses and apartment blocks. Places of high traffic and where movement of people must be monitored for the safety of others.
2. Reduce Crime
This is an effective way to deter crime. If someone is aware someone is watching or there is a barrier to enter or exit premises this can be enough to reduce the likelihood of crime.
3. Control Access Point
A gatehouse becomes a controlled access point. People became aware of where to enter and the level of control at this point. This creates a level of order and control over the area.
4. The High Volume Of Traffic
The gatehouse will add the control to what could be chaos. In a large parking area, for example, control is necessary. A designated point of contact and control of traffic flow means a high volume of traffic can be organised.
5. Protect Employees
A gatehouse offers protection for your employee or employees securing this area. The gatehouse is an added barrier and can protect employees from harm to a certain extent. That added security can go a long way in the eyes of your employees.
6. Out Of Hour Deliveries
In the case of the building being closed deliveries can still be made via the gatehouse. This allows for better communication and contact.
Gate Houses often reflect on the business they represent. Modular Sips are able to create a truly bespoke and unique design for your gate house. They use state of the art materials including modextreme panel which benefits from 50-year manufacturers guarantee. Modular Sips have 3D CAD modelling visuals showing you exactly how your structure will look.

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