6 Benefits Of Secondary Glazing

This technique involves the installation of a supplementary glazing on the inner side of an existing window that has been single or double glazed.

1. Most Effective Window Technique

This is the most effective window technique ahead of single and double glazing at reducing noise and the expected performance of a modern day window.

2. Reduce Noise

Known to reduce noise by up to 70-80% as compared to other methods. Traffic noise is a major issue and this is one way to reduce that problem within homes.

3. Increased Thermal Efficiency

One of the top reasons to have secondary glazing would be its heat benefits. Loss of heat is a growing issue, especially in the winter. Secondary glazing can effectively reduce energy bills and add comfort to your home.

4. Cost

Secondary glazing does not require completely new units, unlike double glazing. It simply involves installing supplementary units on the inside of the existing window panes. Also, with the benefits of reduced energy bills, there is a degree of return on investment.

5. Security

This is an additional barrier. Secondary windows are difficult to open from the outside. The secondary glass is also hard to break through.

6. Condensation Control

Condensation on windows is one of the biggest problems faced by many homeowners, especially during the winter. You can eliminate this problem by investing in secondary glazed windows. These panes can be easily removed making it easy for you to take them off in summer and put them back in winter.

Secondary glazing is relatively easy and cost effective to install. However, the advantages of having it professionally installed can be highly beneficial as the windows will be guaranteed for at least 10 years and will be manufactured to your exact specifications.

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