What Are SIP Panels?

What are Sips?
Structural Insulated Panels (Sips) are walls, roofs, floors and foundations made of panels. They consist of a rigid foam insulation core sandwiched between two structural skins.
Types of SIPs?
There are three main types of SIPs EPS cores which tend to be the lowest-cost option. Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate cores which are more expensive.
How cost-effective are SIP panels?
Panels are pre-manufactured to exact specifications so they arrive ready to install and come together quickly. With the speed of construction and reduced labour needed you can save a large amount using SIP panels. SIP-built homes also require smaller HVAC systems, saving on mechanical costs.
Are SIPs sustainable?
SIP panels have a low environmental impact of materials and low maintenance requirements. Sip panels are also made of lightweight materials and therefore reduce transportation fuel use. With their low use of energy to manufacture and transport SIPs help raise the social, economic and environmental responsibility of homes and buildings. Making a significant contribution toward true sustainability.
Overall benefits of SIP panels?
SIP panels offer increased control over temperature and humidity levels. The upstairs of a SIP house is rarely more than one degree warmer than downstairs. Sip panels significantly reduce drafts.
SIPs help significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce the average household’s annual energy cost. SIPs help reduce the risk of mould growth by stopping condensation and moisture movement within the walls.
SIPs help improve structural strength for resistance to natural disasters and lower construction, landfill feeds and maintenance is required.
Also, rounded roofs, arched windows and other complex designs are made simple with engineered SIPs.
If you’re interested in SIP panels Modular Sips offer a diverse range of products, all of which have been designed and manufactured from their sites in the Ribble Valley and Blackburn, both in Lancashire.

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