How to Bathe Your Dog

Bathing your dog, according to films and TV, should be a harmonious, if not hilarious experience. In reality however it’s not quite the same!
Dogs enjoy being utterly filthy – from rolling around in smelly objects found in the park, or going straight for the muddy puddle just before home time, they like raising a stink! They don’t enjoy being clean as much, so it may be an ongoing battle trying to get your mutt in the tub.

Read on for our top tips on how to wash your dog that will hopefully make it into a much more happier time for both you and your pet.
Positive thinking. Also known as bribery. Leave a trail of doggie treats leading to the bath. Give him lots of hugs as he’s sat waiting for his soaking. Tie his favourite toy to the tap so he knows he’s not in this alone. You can also start with playing with your dog in the bath without soap or water, so your pet can make positive associations with bathing before he’s even had his first scrubbing. Keep repeating these actions until they become completely at home in the bath, and once the real fun starts he’ll be a lot more comfortable.
Avoid the ears. Water in your dog’s ears can cause serious health problems, so try not to spray water directly into them. They can be very sensitive and should water get into the ears it can be very uncomfortable.
Puppy love. If you can get your dog conditioned to bathing from a young age, it can cause less hassle later on. Your dog will be experienced at bathing knowing exactly what’s going on so he won’t be uncertain or stressed. This will make doggy bath time easy in future.
Use the right shampoo. You need to pick a shampoo that won’t irritate or have an unpleasant after-effects on your dog’s coat. We recommend using Animology’s Fox Poo Dog Shampoo, which has won awards based on its performance! It removes horrible smells, cleans deeply, conditions and freshens your dog’s coat. It is also a mild but strong formula that won’t dry out, irritate the skin or strip out oils.
Start at the neck. You already know not to spray water into your dog’s ears, and it’s always a good idea not to get soap into the eyes or mouth either. So you will need to pour some of the shampoo into your hand and start lathering from the neck down. This will protect your pet’s face against any water or shampoo residue. You can also use a bucket to direct the water to rinse off the suds. If your dog does have a dirty face use a wet washcloth to wipe any dirt away.
Dry thoroughly. Cover your dog with a towel and rub down the fur. You can purchase special dog towels that are more absorbent than normal towels. Another thing you can buy is dog blow dryers, but these can be noisy and feel strange to a dog that’s not used to them. You also have to make sure the temperature stays mild and constant. Remember to be ready for when your dog shakes all the water out of his fur!

Enjoy bath time

Bathing your dog shouldn’t be a stressful time for either you or your dog. Be patient, prepared, and have the right shampoo to make all the effort worthwhile. You can buy our recommend brand Animology’s dog shampoo here.

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