Why Choose Granite Worktops For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen worktop will take a lot of punishment over the years – hot pans, foods that stain and knives could all damage the surface and this could really let the rest of your kitchen down. It is so important that you make the right decision when picking a worktop material for your kitchen, but with so many different materials to choose from that decision can seem a little daunting. So just what is it that makes granite the perfect worktop for any type of kitchen?


Granite provides a fantastic, incredibly durable surface to work on – in fact, it is the most durable material you can choose for your kitchen worktops. Granite is also highly heat resistant which means that you can rest hot pans on it for a short while without damaging it, although it can still be prone to damage from sharp knives so you should always use a chopping board. When it comes to taking care of your granite worktops cleaning on a regular basis with a special granite cleaner will keep the surface of your worktops looking fantastic for a very long time. Whether your kitchen is more for show or somewhere you love to be creative, granite is the perfect easy to care for and durable surface. This is why our granite worktops are in such high demand.

Colour and finish

Because granite is a natural material each piece will have its own patterns and veining making it completely unique. Colour may also vary from piece to piece as well and good suppliers will be sure to choose the best piece for your specific needs. When it comes to creating your perfect kitchen the beautiful finish of granite will make it the ideal complement for any colour scheme that you might already have in place, and will partner equally well with more traditional wooden cupboard front or something more modern like a high gloss black kitchen. Put simply, granite lends itself very well to any type of kitchen style and any colour scheme. It will also look great in a large kitchen or a small one.


Finally, although granite might not be the cheapest worktop material that is currently available, due to its fantastic durability and the ease with which it can be cleaned it will continue to look fantastic for a lot longer than some less expensive worktops which may need replacing over time.
It really is worth spending that little bit extra to have worktops that will form a real focal point in your kitchen – and with iGranite’s stunning granite worktops you’re sure to have a better looking kitchen – no matter what style of decor you prefer.

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