Cowboy Roofing Contractors and how to spot them

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As a leading roofing company in Lancashire part of our work comes from customers who have been the victim of dodgy work from unreliable roofing contractors. As with most scam artists, dodgy roofers will do a poor job or sometimes avoid doing any work at all, and will unashamedly take your hard-earned cash from your pocket for their trouble!

Often the targets are elderly or single women living alone, but anyone can become the prey of unscrupulous roofing contractors – but how can you spot them?

The problem solver

One way to get a foot in the door is for someone claiming to be from a reputable roofing company to tell you that they were driving past, and noticed a problem with your roof. This is a tried and tested scam, and relies on fear-mongering and intimidation. The roofer will try to scare you into thinking your roof is in a terrible state, and that the repairs need doing right away. Thank goodness they were passing! If this happens and you’re worried, it’s important to consult a reliable roofing contractor, who can tell you if the repairs are necessary.

The ‘unmissable’ one time cash payment deal

If a roofing company or roofer approaches your home, offering a one time only discount if you pay cash for their roof repairs, alarm bells should begin to ring. Never pay for work that hasn’t been completed. This kind of ‘favour’ is one you can do without!

It’s important to know that most roofing contractors are honest, hard working service people. However, remember that you should never do a deal with a roofer who can’t provide you with a full contract of work and fees.

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Concerned about cowboys? At Total Roofing Solutions, our legacy of careful workmanship, family values and wide ranging services mean that your roof couldn’t be in better hands. Our reputation as a top roofing company in Preston, Blackpool and Cleveleys  precedes us, and our glowing testimonials give you peace of mind that we care about our customers. If you need any roof repairs or maintenance on roofing Preston, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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